We’re proud of our healthful and luxurious spa service offerings. We use our favourite skincare lines, selectively hand-chosen for their nourishing, organic, and biodynamic qualities. They nourish and feed the skin, and they smell delicious!

Thank you in advance…

If you cannot make your appointment, please respectfully give 24 hours’ notice so other clients may take the timeslot (as we book months in advance). Failure to do so will result in a 50% charge of the missed service fee. Thank you for respecting our time and that of others who wish to make an appointment.

"Your measured movements are so patient. I felt like I was slipping in and out of a fanciful dream state. It reminded me of contemplative music: crescendos, decrescendos, movement, stillness. Thank you, love. — NAKITA"

Facial Treatments 

Kolya Signature Custom Facial

Our aestheticians, calling on knowledge and intuition, will tailor the perfect facial for your skin, and soul. Various products from our exceptional lines will be chosen based on their properties and how they will affect your skin. The rhythm and intention behind this treatment is to reach a place of inner calm while being immersed in nourishing botanicals.

  • 60 minutes - $130: includes 2 masques, hand & arm aesthetic massage
  • 90 minutes - $165: includes 3 masques, legs & feet AND hand & arm aesthetic massage
  • 120 minutes - $185: includes 4 masques, and additional legs, feet, hand & arm aesthetic massage

*NOTE – if you wish only one line to be used during your facial, let us know.


    Ayuna Activate & Awaken Facial

    Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and demanding, the Ayuna Activate & Awaken Facial brightens, refines, and restores the skin's regenerative abilities. Ayuna's signature oxygenation process increases microcirculation, speeds healing and boosts collagen production. Includes refining LED light therapy and a soothing modeling mask for beautifully luminous skin.

    • 90 Minutes - $165

    The Masterpiece

    (Formerly called, The Dr. Hauschka Ultimate Experience)

    Bring balance back to your skin and self with this relaxing, yet very intensive face and body treatment. Starting with a foot bath, followed by gentle herbal-based cleansers, masques, toners, and creams. Unwind with rhythmic touch and flowing movements designed to stimulate the lymphatic system. herbal-based cleansers, masques, toners, and creams.

    • 120 minutes - $185
      "In all my (many, many) years of facial treatments, this is by far the best! The Best! The Best! Thank you, Thank you!" - Marianne


      Clarifying Back Facial

      Restore balance and poise to this hard-to-reach, often neglected part of your skin. We will clarify and soften your back helping to improve appearance and texture, while providing a gentle, aesthetic massage to help relieve tension from stress.

      60 minutes - $130



      Our philosophy is about choosing what works for your skin rather than against it. We offer non-toxic peels which, rather than stripping or irritating the skin, strengthen, moisturize, and impart a vibrant glow. Though our treatments are gentle, they are still potent; before a peel, our aestheticians will do a thorough consultation to ensure your safety and the highest-quality service possible.

      Most peels allow for 5 minutes of extractions however some peels do not allow for this. Your esthetician can discuss options that suit your needs at time of consultation.

      Kolya Custom Peel

      Awaken your skin’s inner beauty using Eminence’s Professional Peels to remove dehydrated skin cells and unclog pores, leaving your skin softer and more radiant. Natural fruit acids are absorbed into the first four layers of the epidermis to safely and gently encourage cellular turnover and healing. These gentle peels are effective without resulting in redness or recovery time. Indulge on a regular basis to keep your skin vibrant and refreshed.

      • 30 minutes - $65: Our aestheticians will customize the peel according to your skin type and goals.

      Tata Harper Radiance Peel

      This two step peel uses 12 different naturally sourced acid complexes that will reduce and prevent dark spots from sun exposure, acne, scarring and more. This helps even skin tone and restore an overall brightness to your complexion. Try a series of this peel for the most dramatic results. 30 minutes - $75

      Additional Extractions

      Add 15 minutes for more extractions. This service must be booked with a facial.

      • 15 minutes - $15


      Body Treatment

      Osea Body Wrap

      We begin with a stimulating dry brush exfoliation, followed by the application of your chosen warm OSEA body treatment mask. You are then wrapped in layers of warmth and encouraged to deeply relax while you enjoy a mini-facial and scalp massage. After you rinse away the mask in the shower, your skin will be anointed with organic oils and creams rich in phytonutrients.

      Choose from:

      Undaria Detox Treatment: Sea clay and undaria algae detoxify and purify while green tea and hyaluronic acid plump and hydrate.

      White Algae Treatment: Moisturize and soothe rough, dry skin with this creamy, decadent mask bursting with mineral-rich white algae.

      • 95 - 120 minutes - $215


      Spa Packages

      Earth & Flowers

      A cherished combo - Mud Wrap & 2-hour Facial
 Allow yourself to be wrapped in mineral rich Moor Clay to detoxify & relax the body. To begin we provide a dry brush exfoliation, where then a hydrating facial is interwoven throughout this treatment starting while cocooned in clay, and then continued after the mud is washed from the body. Your experience is completed with a relaxing effleurage of botanically infused oils. Earth & Flowers is our most lavish natural indulgence.

      • 150 to 180 minutes - $435

      "Wow, wow, WOW. The nicest thing I’ve ever done for myself! I feel amazing. Thank you." - Rochelle



      Sugaring is a safe, wax-free method of hair removal for women and men. It is free of synthetic materials and completely biodegradable. Because the sugar does not adhere the same way as hot wax, it is gentle to the skin. To prevent unnecessary discomfort, we kindly ask that you trim pubic and underarm hair to no longer than the length of an eyelash.

      Although rare, bruising or discolouration may occur in those with extremely sensitive skin.

      Facial Sugaring

      All facial sugaring includes a soothing clay mask, warm herbal compress, organic toner, serum and/or moisturizer. 

      • Brow Clean Up, 20 min - $25
        • *$20 when combined with another service
      • Brow New Shape, 30-40 mins - $45
        • *$30 when combined with another service
      • Upper Lip, 15 min - $30

      • Chin & Jaw, 30 min - $40
      • Lower Face (chin, jaw & upper lip), 30-35 min - $45


      Body Sugaring

      All body sugaring includes warm herbal compresses, organic toner, and hydrator. 

      • Underarm, 20 min - $40
      • Lower Arm, 30 min - $50
      • Full Arms, 40-45 min - $65
      • Women’s Half Leg (lower), 30 min - $50

      • Women’s Half Leg (upper), 35-40 min - $65
      • Women’s Full Leg, 60 min - $75

      • Men's Half or Full Leg, 30-70 min (includes a 10 min consult) - price upon consult
      • Back or Chest, 45 to 60 min - $95


      Intimate Sugaring

      All intimate sugaring includes a soothing clay mask, warm herbal compresses, organic toner and serum. Please note: All hair must be trimmed to ¼-½” in length. We cannot cut hair at the spa!

      • Bikini Line, 30 min - $45 

      • Full Bikini, 35-40 min - $55
      • Modified Brazilian, 45 min - $75
      • Modified Brazilian REBOOK, 30 min - $55
        • For Kolya return customers within 3-6 weeks
      • Full Brazilian, 45-55 min - $85
      • Full Brazilian REBOOK, 30 min - $65
        • For Kolya return customers within 3-6 weeks
      "My words will not tell you how delicious my experience was…so please accept these few words as appreciation…thank you for a gift of beauty and peace. —Laurie"



      Are you unsure as to which skincare or makeup routine suits you best? Our aim is to leave you well-informed about our products. Affordable consultations allow product trials and extensive advice to address all questions and concerns. We offer free colour-matching for all mineral makeup so you can feel confident in your choices. Whether you need a new shade of blush or a nighttime moisturizer, our expert staff can assist.


      Makeup Consultation

      This one on one session is designed for individuals seeking expert guidance in the world of natural makeup, tailored to their unique features and personal style. Whether you’re a makeup novice or a beauty enthusiast, our professional makeup artist will provide insightful advice, from selecting the right products to mastering application technique. 

      • 45 minutes - $70
      • Save 15% on all make up purchases the day of your consultation.


      Natural Skincare Consultation

      Your skin is as individual as you. Our Kolya Naturals spa line consultations include a mini-facial to experience the products and a discussion about your individual needs, plus our best recommendations for you.

      • 45 minutes - $60


      Brow Shape & Trim

      Eyebrows are meticulously tweezed and shaped in order to enhance your eyes and help lift the face.

      • 15 to 30 minutes - $25



      Spa Etiquette & Tips

      • We have two beautiful, spacious treatment rooms that book up quickly. To reserve your ideal spot, we suggest booking 2-3 months in advance.
      • We have limited evening and weekend availability.
      • Kindly give a 24-hour notice if you cannot keep your appointment. Failure to do so will result in you being charged 50% of the missed service fee—to be paid upon your next visit. Thank you for respecting our time, and others who wish to have the appointment time.
      • We can accommodate appointments for two people (same start time but separate rooms), depending on our aesthetician's availability. Please give us a call (780-433-1090 x3) to inquire.
      • We suggest removing your makeup before your facial as it allows more time for facial massage.
      • If this is your first treatment with us, please arrive at least 10 minutes early in order to fill out necessary forms without carving into your treatment time.
      • Love one of the products we used? Just ask and we can have it ready for you to purchase and take home after your treatment.


      “Spas: If I had a dollar for every time a spa brochure mentioned the words “botanical” and “organic” without actually using genuine natural products, I’d own my own oceanfront retreat by now. Despite all the angelic whale music and seaweed wraps, and the claim made by every spa that it uses potions made from herbal ingredients, if you look past the leafy marketing, you’ll realize you’re being slathered in petrol-heavy synthetics, honey. There are, blissfully, a growing number of spas that offer genuine and/or organic products, including spa lines like USDA-certified Eminence Organics (eminenceorganics.com), or B.C.-made Seaflora (seafloraonline.com). It would be impossible to mention every (mostly) natural spa in Canada, but here’s a taster: J-Spa Organic Skincare Spa in Vancouver (j-spa.ca), Kolya Naturals Wholistic Skincare & Spa in Edmonton (kolyanaturals.com), Riverside Spa in Calgary (riversidespa.ca)…” Vasil, A. (2012). Ecoholic Body: Your Ultimate Earth-Friendly Guide to Living Healthy & Looking Good. Toronto, ON: Vintage Canada."