Deep Family Roots

Our Story

Since 1994, Optimum Health Vitamins has served the Edmonton area as a family owned and operated collection of specialty health stores. The inception of Kolya, our sister company, in 2002 furthers our reach as a prime source of plant-based and organic skincare & beauty products for the Edmonton area. Over the years, our humble beginnings blossomed into the passionate locally-operated community we are today.

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Everything Natural

Our Promise

Here for over 30 years and still going strong. Optimum Health and Kolya were both founded on principles of purity, efficacy, and the ethical treatment of the planet and all life on earth. We believe that healing begins with a holistic approach. Our sources are chosen with these core values in mind and are carefully scrutinized by our wellness experts. Always learning and ever-evolving, Optimum Health and Kolya welcome your health and beauty needs! 

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Get to Know

Our Team

Founded on a passion for the planet, we’re here to connect like-minded individuals to eco-living and natural wellness. Our team is extensively trained and experienced in the wellness industry. Whatever you’re looking for, we’re ready to accommodate your unique health needs.

Leading the Way


Far from “business as usual,” we believe businesses can be a force for positive change. Since our inception 30 years ago, we’ve always strived for green solutions. Whether it’s a small jump or a big leap, we believe all efforts that act in compassion towards others and the planet is a step in the right direction.

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In autumn 2020, we launched our Refill Station, specializing in premium-quality personal care products, household cleaners, DIY ingredients, and soaps. We carry an array of lifestyle goods that support a green, eco-friendly lifestyle.

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