A Game-Changing Supplement for University Students, Teachers & Healthcare Workers

Are you a post-secondary student or an individual whose job requires frequent interaction with the public, and want to keep your immune response strong and your cognitive skills on point? There is a natural supplement that does this, and more!

When it comes to university students, I've always found it strange how hard they can be to convince that very basic nutritional factors can make a big difference in their function. Yet, due to mountains of evidence regarding 'GLUTATHIONE' and its multiple critical roles in the body, the product GSH+ may well be an exception! 

This supplement was developed to give you all the precursors and cofactors to produce your own glutathione, which is best for 24-hour benefits.. This is why it is labelled "Ultimate Glutathione"


In my experience, GSH+ is perfect for university students for the following reasons:


  1. Simple to take: 3 caps once per day upon arising.
  2. Brain effects: Glutathione status is directly linked to brain function and clarity of mind. The NACET in this formula has the advantage over regular NAC of passing much more easily across the blood-brain barrier.
  3. Immunity: Glutathione is critical for immune function, and lung function. (This week I had a client try to get an intravenous glutathione treatment in the Okanagan, and apparently they are all reserved for firefighters.)
  4. Partying: Protect your liver! Glutathione is probably best known for its role in liver detoxification, and detoxifying alcohol. (Opti-Liv Extra can also be amazing for this)
  5. Energy; It is glutathione's direct role in energy metabolism / mitochondrial function that provides its effects on the brain, but this also means it is great for sports, athletic endurance and recovery. We have a half-marathon runner in the office, and when I asked her the other day if any supplements had helped, she said GSH+ was her favorite.
  6. Broad spectrum of Vitamins, minerals and botanicals ...Not quite a complete multi, but still pretty good

GSH+ is not just useful for the students, but for Teachers as well! In fact anyone who deals with daily groups or the public, or who simply wants more of the above effects can benefit.

Below are the approved claims for GSH+ from Health Canada:
Recommended use or purpose:

  • Helps in energy metabolism and in tissue formation.
  • Helps in the development and maintenance of bones, cartilage, teeth and/or gums and in connective tissue formation.
  • Helps in the normal function of the immune system.
  • Helps in wound healing.
  • Helps maintain healthy skin and connective tissue formation.
  • Helps to form red blood cells.
  • Helps to maintain healthy hair, nail, mucous membranes and/or skin.
  • Helps to maintain healthy metabolism.
  • Helps to maintain normal function of the thyroid gland.
  • Helps to maintain the body's ability to metabolize nutrients.
  • Helps to support the immune system. Helps with immune function.
  • Source of/An antioxidant that helps fight/protect (cell) against/reduce (the oxidative effect of/the oxidative damage caused by/cell damage caused by) free radicals.
  • Source of/An antioxidant that protects the fat in body tissues from oxidation.
  • Vitamin and mineral supplement.
  • Source of/Provides antioxidants. 


Note: If the alpha-lipoic acid bothers your stomach, just move it to a meal, but you will absorb the most important ingredients like NACET  (an advanced form of NAC), better on an empty stomach.


Hope you find this useful!


Be Well,

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