Do You Need to Protect Your Liver While Cleansing?

As Spring arrives, many people like to do a cleanse for their liver. What this presumably means is to get the liver to spit out toxins it's been storing over the winter, i.e. hasn't fully detoxified.

Yet, we must remember two things:

  1. Detoxification is what the liver does 24/7
  2. If the liver spits out reactive intermediates, i.e. toxins that are not fully detoxified, or properly "packaged" for elimination, it can be more harmful than beneficial.

So the question becomes: Is it better to "detox" the liver, or simply support and protect it while it is doing its "messy" job of detoxification?

One way or another, supporting and facilitating the liver's functions is critically important when doing a cleanse! That way it can fully detoxify what it needs to, and ship it out through the kidneys and bowel. (more on this to come next week.)

When doing a Spring detox, optimal liver function allows you to avoid cleansing reactions, so that you get the most benefit, and the least amount of detriment.


Enter glutathione.

The Liver Needs Glutathione

Known as the master antioxidant, Glutathione is central to liver function. It is especially important for protecting the liver in phase 1 toxin processing, which creates the second-highest amount of oxidative stress among normal body processes, (right behind energy production in our mitochondria).

Glutathione is also critical for phase 2 packaging of waste so that it can be shipped out. This includes alcohol, acetaminophen, and countless toxins such as mercury.

Enhanced Energy, Focus, and More

As referenced in the article below, among its extremely long list of benefits, Glutathione also plays critical roles in your energy production, brain function, as well as immunity. Optimizing its levels can give you more energy, clearer thinking, better lung function, better eye function, healthier looking skin, and overall whole-body improvement in your health.

Maximize Glutathione Production with NACET

Many use NAC to boost glutathione, and this is valid. Yet you can get up to 6x better absorption and utilization if you take a form of NAC called NACET. (This is essentially long chains of NAC joined together, which lines-up the acetyl groups, and increases its ability penetrate tissues.)

The only supplement we have found that contains NACET is GSH+ Ultimate Glutathione.

Regarding NACET, as stated in the referenced review below of the ingredients in GSH+, it is a:

"Novel compound or “pro-drug” for NAC or N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine that increases the bioavailability up to 65%, whereas NAC’s bioavailability is less than 10% orally. [1],[2]"

Many are not aware of this low bioavailability for NAC.

Containing virtually every researched glutathione precursor and cofactor, we have found work it works extremely well! If you want to know more about it, simply click the link below, or see our following article: The Power of Glutathione.

Feel free to send in questions for me if you have any.

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