How The 12 Day Wild Rose Gentle D-TOX Kit Can Get Your Body Back On Track!

Written by Maddie Laberge, Certified Holistic Nutritionist

I want to start out by saying that I have never been a huge fan of detox kits, preferring to follow the practice of “daily detoxing” mainly by eating the right foods and drinking herbal teas regularly.  But a couple of weeks ago I decided to crack open Dr. Terry Willard’s 12 Day Wild Rose Gentle D-TOX kit and take the plunge, and am I ever glad I did!

Wild Rose Gentle D-TOX 12 Day Kit

Detoxing, or cleansing the body, is more than just throwing a bunch of supplements in your mouth.  It’s consciously planning out your meals and limiting the junk that you passively consume everyday.  It doesn’t mean you have to follow a strict 100% perfect diet, but it does mean you need to make some changes that you know are good for your mind and body. 

As you know, your body needs nourishment to function optimally.  Your body needs a break from toxic food and drinks.  This is why you decide to commit to a Detox!  You just do it!  You plan out some amazing meals, load up on the vegetables and give your body a chance to do some house cleaning without the addition of more junk weighing it down.  Sounds easy enough -sort of- but let’s not forget how the body and mind are connected.  Don’t forget that your mind could use a good cleansing too! 

This is actually the hard part: Practicing Willpower

How often do we say no to something we want?  Probably not that often!  Desserts and goodies?  Yes please!  Latte’s and Wine?  Yes please!  Sleeping in and lying around on the couch watching Netflix? Yes please!  This is where a Detox kit comes in handy; it gives you a chance to concentrate a lot of energy into making some big changes in 12 days!  This isn’t a vague, “I’ll start tomorrow”, or “I’ll just start eating healthier most of the time”… no, this is NOW.  You’re doing it NOW and you’re doing it for 12 days straight and you are going to form some fantastic new habits!  That’s how it works!  That’s the point!  You are telling yourself to “Wake up”!  It’s a commitment that you can do and that you can get excited about because it is NOW and not in a week or a month.  You are doing it NOW!

What you can expect…

While on a detox journey, your bad habits become unveiled, and you have to look right at them in order to do anything about it.  The thought of changing bad habits can cause anxiety, but I’ll tell you a secret, once you begin to act on cutting them out, there’s some clarity that starts to happen.  I promise.

The biggest thing I noticed for myself was the habit of having a coffee every morning and sometimes in the afternoon.  Even though black coffee is actually allowed in the Wild Rose D-TOX kit, I committed beforehand to not drinking any coffee during the 12 days and this decision gave me a great deal of anxiety!  But it was the commitment I was making, the willpower I decided to exhibit to myself.  Here was when the clarity came in; amazingly I realized that I didn’t actually feel like I needed a coffee every single day.  It was just a habit.  By the time I would finish putting my cream and sugar in, it was a high calorie habit that I realized I really didn’t need everyday.  I was just following a daily habit I had formed.  But by consciously deciding not to have a coffee for 12 days, I recognized that I really only craved a coffee 3 or 4 times for that time period.  The same went for snacking before bedtime.  Another habit I had formed.  While on the detox I just decided to go to sleep instead of eating a pile of cheese and crackers.  What a concept.  Just don’t eat if your body isn’t hungry and just don’t consume a creamy sugary coffee if you don’t actually feel like drinking it.  As a Nutritionist you’d think I would already be following this practice, but hey, I’m only human!  I need a good re-set just like everyone else!

This detox was a great reminder.  A reminder that I should be conscious of what I feed my body and that I am capable of implementing willpower to keep my mind strong.  I don’t have to just give into my wants!  I’m stronger than that!  It’s not as hard as people make it out to be, you just have to focus.  This is what the Detox kit did for me, it brought my focus back!  My mindset shifted in those 12 days and that’s why I’m glad I committed to the Detox kit.   

The D-TOX kit is done, and my outlook is clearer! It was just what I needed and I suggest you think about the power of a Detox Kit yourself!  Every day wasn’t easy, but you sure figure out what you’re made of!

Oh, and did I mention I feel amazing!?


Maddie Laberge, Certified Holistic Nutritionist


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