Info you can use: Tips for Better Travelling and Skipped Meals

As we have talked about in several past blogs, three things that I never travel without are oregano oil, colloidal silver spray and Optimum Immunity. I find these are first line defences against bugs, allergies, accidental occurrences, or earaches/plugged ears on planes. (I euphemistically say accidental occurrences thinking of one time on a plane when someone behind me half coughed/half sneezed, and blew a "haloogie" into my hair shortly before we landed. Thank-god I had my colloidal silver to drench it ASAP!) I have been saved from discomfort, feeling ill or crappy on many trips with these items!

It's Easy to Become "Hangry"

There are also many common situations where people's eating patterns and schedules get disrupted when travelling, on holidays, or even if they are busy with multiple projects at work. The fact is meals can often get missed, and this is not optimal if it triggers our stress response or makes us "Hangry".

For these situations I have often longed for a protein bar that actually provided enough protein, (isn't just basically pure carbs), with reasonable ingredients and without a bunch of garbage, so it doesn't crash me and I don't react to it.

Two Tasty, Well-Balanced Solutions

Recently we have found 2 such bars that our stores now stock, and they are very convenient for several situations. I thought I would pass along the info. Personally I like them when I am flying/traveling, or more often when I am working out, or just swamped at work, and miss lunch.

First is FEED ME Bars, which come in 3 vegan flavours with 20 grams of protein, NOT including soy. They have 28 grams of carbs. 

There are also two flavours that use whey protein, containing 22g of protein per bar. 

Fill the Gap!

If I am starting to get stressed, because I haven't eaten at work, or I’m traveling, having one of these bars on its own stabilizes my blood sugar, doesn't crash me and fills in the hunger gap for 3-4 hours. I find they are a good meal replacement. For those of you who are into the Zone diet, these are very Zone-favourable, except for the oats....but they still work well to keep you balanced and sustained. They are also pretty tasty.

A Clean & Simple Recipe

The other bars I have found useful are RXBars, which come in peanut and cashew-almond varieties. Though they don't have as good a protein/carb ratio as the FEED ME bars they still supply 12 grams of protein per bar. Yet they feature a very simple ingredient list. Apart from the peanuts, or cashew & almond, they contain only:

  • Egg White as a protein source, 
  • Dates
  • Unsweetened chocolate
  • Cocoa, Natural Flavour, Sea salt

Staff here find, and I have to agree, that they resemble a less sweet version of EatMore candy bars, (which of course I haven't eaten since I was a teenager, but still have a clear memory of).  

A Pre-Workout Snack

I also find the RXBars are good for workouts. Prior to I will often have one of these bars, along with a banana, and 2 heaping TBSP of hemp protein in water. I find this gives good balanced strength and energy, without weighing or slowing me down. If you are a distance runner, or other athlete you also may find this useful. I'd be interested to know.

...or an Excellent Dessert Substitute

These bars will only sustain you for an hour or two., i.e. they are more of a snack. Yet, if you desire a desert, but hesitate due to the sugar, they can also make for a less sweet desert-substitute after a meal. With 5 grams of fibre, and 15 grams of sugar from the dates, I find this an improvement over a straight massive pile of sugar like most deserts.

Be Prepared for Common Vacation-Wreckers

In conclusion, when I am getting ready to travel it is usually hectic, and I find it very convenient to just throw some of both of these bars into my bag, along with a spray bottle of Silver Solution, oregano oil, and Optimum Immunity. This way, I am largely covered for missed meals, bad food, and avoiding bugs…three things that are common and can wreck a trip in a hurry!

Hope you find this useful!



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