'Mycelium’s Hidden Contributions', by Purica

Mycelium, the hidden root system beneath any mushroom, has contributed FAR more to our lives than many of us have any idea.

Mycelium may even be, in part, responsible for this world being habitable for us when, hundreds of million of years ago, it helped create the soil that allowed the great forests and trees we know today grow. Mycelium helps guide and protect the forest, nourish it, holds the soil together, act as a warning system protecting against invasive species, and a whole lot more.

If you’ve ever appreciated walking through the forest, breathing the fresh air, surrounded by towering trees, as you move supported by the strong yet giving nature of the forest floor, you have a lot of gratitude due to mycelium. If you’ve ever appreciated the relaxing, clarifying and healing effects of Purica’s medicinal mushrooms, or nourishing drinks like Zensations, you have some gratitude due to mycelium as well.

Let this be reminder to honour and be thankful for, not only mycelium, but all the myriad seen and unseen forces that come together and contribute to us being here on this planet and living the lives we do, which usually fly under our radar.

Remember the oxygen given off by the trees, the warmth of the sun, all our parents gave us (even the parts we didn’t really want ?), the intelligence of our digestive system, computers, the internet, whoever designed umbrellas and sticky notes and on and on. We live truly miraculous interdependent lives!

Set a little time aside at the beginning and ending of your day to really think about this, and creatively consider all the factors going into the moments of your life, especially the ones you’ve appreciated.

This kind of grateful reflection can lighten your day!

'This article is brought to you, and inspired, by the tireless work of mycelium. May you be grateful for and awe struck by all the seen and unseen forces that contribute and conspire to supporting life' - by Purica

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