Save Yourself from Burnout!

It doesn't take a double-blind study to know that when we are too worked-up, worried, anxious or "stressed", that our brain doesn't work well. Said differently, when our fight or flight stress response is being triggered our blood pressure goes up, our adrenal glands start pumping, and though we may be able to run away or fight more effectively, we are not able to think as clearly, or make calm rational decisions.


Though most students with exam and assignment stress can relate to this, it can just as easily happen at the office, or in the home, or anytime we are trying to meet multiple deadlines and objectives...and they all have to be done NOW! (AAHHHHHH!!!)

Situations like the above are what motivated the development of Optimum Health Vitamin's Opti-Calm, Cell-Fuel and Optimized Adrenal Balance formulas.

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Opti-Calm helps keep you from "freaking-out" or breaking down under stress. It is amazing how quickly it can help in high-pressure situations, allowing you to calm-down, think clearly, make decisions effectively and proceed. Its good to know that Opti-Calm produces better results if your stomach is empty.


Our Cell-Fuel formula is great for those suffering from low physical energy levels, mental fatigue, nervous system problems, or those seeking enhanced athletic endurance. Full of antioxidants, this formula increases physical energy, improves brain function and enhances an overall sense of well being through supporting cellular energy production, and generation of new mitochondria.


On the other hand, Optimized Adrenal Balance keeps you moving forward with

better adrenal reserve, helping to prevent both the fatigue associated with under-active adrenals, and the fight or flight hormones associated with over-active adrenals that have a "hair-trigger".


Either alone, or together these products can help keep your brain and body functional under pressure.

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Be well!



Disclaimer: The above information is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your physician.

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Thank you John,
I appreciate your dedication in helping me to live a stronger, healthy life.
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Linda Cook September 28, 2022

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