How to Save Money by Naturally Preserving Food Longer!

With the cost of food these days, one of the most immediate things you can do to reduce your food bill is to throw out fewer to no leftovers.

Here are three tricks you can use to preserve leftovers and perishable foods for longer. 

1. Mist leftovers with Opti-Silver Solution as you are putting them away

This prevents mold and bacterial growth on the exposed surfaces of foods, thereby extending the time they are still good to consume.

I say Opti-Silver Solution specifically because with its structured complex, it is much more stable than ionic or colloidal silver, and will not oxidize and cause changes in color or flavour. I have been using Opti-Silver Solution for this application for decades, and never once have I noticed such changes... not even when I microwave or reheat.

Simply purchase a 2-4 ounce empty spray bottle, fill it with silver solution and keep it handy by the fridge.

Note: for spicy foods like chili, which will last longer anyway, a drop or two of oregano oil mixed into them will accomplish the same thing... but make sure you are OK with the taste.


2. Use food-preserving storage containers

Another strategy you can use to extend the life of food, leftover or not, is to transfer them from their original packaging to one that provides an environment more suitable to extending their freshness by controlling exposure to air and humidity, or providing an antimicrobial effect.

Three examples are:

Bee Bagz

Made with Canadian beeswax, BeeBagz are naturally antimicrobial, and provide a perfect moisture and air barrier that keeps vegetables, fruits, cheeses and other food fresher, longer. Available in assorted sizes of both bags and flexible wraps, BeeBagz are a non-toxic alternative to single-use plastic wrap and baggies. Wash with gentle soap and cool water and enjoy their benefits over and over.


A unique way to store leafy greens, VejiBags are crafted from 100% organic french terry cotton. Freshly washed lettuce is placed in a dry VejiBag, and the french terry begins to absorb the excess moisture. When damp, VejiBags provide a moist but breathable environment for lettuce, spinach or herbs. As they slowly dry, they allow air to circulate, allowing the vegetables to stay fresh longer than a regular plastic bag. When done, simply throw them in the wash - they can be reused indefinitely.

Stasher Bags & Bowls

Stasher Bags & Bowls are safe for the microwave, dishwasher and freezer, and can be used to steam or sous-vide in as well! Made from 100% platinum food-grade silicone, Stashers are available in a wide selection of sizes, colours, and shapes, and are a great light-weight alternative to single-use plastic for storing food on the go. Their transparent quality means you can easily see all the delicious treats hiding inside, making it more likely you will finish them before they spoil.



3. How to preserve Spring Mix so you can consume it ALL without it spoiling

Like myself, I am sure many have found that organic Spring Mix, for example by Earth-Bound Organics, is fast, convenient and enjoyable… excellent for adding to smoothies, wraps, or just as a salad.

However it is expensive, and it goes bad very quickly turning into that slimy, moldy stinky brown/black “yuck”. So below is a strategy to have it stay in perfect condition for the duration of the whole container. (I am referring to the “triple-washed” variety, which you do not get wet again for storage.)

When you finish one container, don’t throw-out the plastic tub. Instead wash it and dry it completely. When you get your next one, as soon as you get it home, divide it into two, (or three) containers and shake them up so that air gets in between as many dry leaves and pieces as possible. Repeat this aeration procedure/shaking each time you use one of them. This keeps them in pristine condition for much longer.

You see, what creates the “brown slimy stinky yuck” is when two leaves stick together creating a mini-anaerobic (without oxygen) environment. Then mold/bacteria start growing, moisture from the greens is drawn out, and the rot sets in. But by keeping them dry and separated in the fridge, the greens are preserved.

As this works so well I haven’t tried spraying Silver Solution on it, but if it gets wet, by all means try it.

On the other hand, if you happen to be a person that wants to wash the greens regardless, you can use a dry Swedish Sponge Cloth in the bottom of the container to absorb the excess moisture. I have found it doesn’t work as well, but it helps.


Hope you find this useful!



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