Cellu-Lymph Body Oil

In preparation for sunny days ahead, five powerful essential oils come together into a blend that is earthy, bright, and completely delightful – our Cellu-Lymph Body Oil is here just in time for summer!



Enjoy our recipe:

Servings: 1 30 mL Glass Bottle with Treatment Pump



  1. In a 30 mL/1oz dropper bottle, pour the carrot-infused sunflower oil and rice bran oil, five drops of each essential oil, and top up with sesame oil.
  2. Cap, shake, and enjoy.

Notes: Aiding both cellulite and the lymphatic system, this Cellu-Lymph Body Oil is a wonderful addition to any body care routine (like dry brushing, massage and spot treatments). Read Sunshine and Self-Care: A Love Story. 

Those with very fair skin may wish to lessen the amount of carrot seed oil as its natural golden colour is potent. Substitute the difference with more rice bran or sesame seed oil.

* Essential oils are potent and require dilution. Always patch-test on a small area of the skin. More is not “more effective,” so stick to the recipe for the safest possible blending. This blend is best avoided during pregnancy or breast-feeding, and is not meant for long-term use. As grapefruit oil is a low-risk sun sensitizer, wait several hours to overnight before prolonged sun exposure, and always wear proper broad-spectrum UV protection. 

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