Our Quality Standards

Founded on a passion for the planet, Optimum Health has served the Edmonton area since 2002. We’re here to connect like-minded individuals to eco-living and natural wellness. Our wish is to spark positive conversation for sustainable changes we can make today, to impact our environment for the better. We foster learning without shame, and encourage small, measurable changes to support local makers, contribute to ecological wellness, and help build a stronger, more resilient local community.


As a business, it is our responsibility to make progressive and measurable changes within our industry. Our ultimate goal is to continue towards a greener, kinder, more sustainable planet.


In autumn 2020, we launched our Refill Station, specializing in premium-quality personal care products, household cleaners, DIY ingredients, and soaps. We carry an array of lifestyle goods that support a green, eco-friendly lifestyle.


Refilling containers rather than buying disposable, single-use packaging keeps plastic away from our landfills and waterways. It reduces the amount of material sent to recycling systems, which often come at a high energy cost. By bringing your own container, or purchasing a reusable container, you may have your packaging refilled again and again. The natural health & supplement is not without its flaws: waste is prominent throughout our supply and distribution chain. We strive to minimize this waste wherever possible, and must carefully consider the balance between cost effectiveness, carbon impact, and many other factors. Whenever we can, we choose our containers for their minimal impact on environmental and human health.


Our products are selected to be as close-to-nature as possible. We strive to bring pure, local, organic, and fair-trade items as often as possible, and aim to be completely transparent with ingredients and ethical sourcing. For children, or individuals with sensitivities or allergies, we carry many options that are both gentle and free of fragrance.


As a small, independent, family-run business, we feel ever-fortunate to work with socially responsible and environmentally conscious businesses around the world. In addition to our select high-quality imports, we stock beloved Canadian makers as much as possible.


There are many barriers in removing waste from the supply chain, which is why we converse with every one of our vendors to ensure we’re actively reducing waste. Between sourcing, packaging, and transportation, we reduce our carbon footprint wherever we can: we prioritize vendors who value sustainability, product design, natural ingredients, and ethical standards.


We favour certified B-corporations and Carbon or Climate Neutral companies from everything to our products to our office supplies. We work with a number of brands who are certified organic, fair trade certified, living wage employers, and strive to include small makers who are growing or making responsibly and sustainably.


Far from “business as usual,” Optimum Health believes that businesses can be a force for positive change. You’ll find our shelves overflowing with socially and environmentally-minded brands that you can feel good for supporting. We value innovative, alternative models and ownerships, including those that alleviate gender inequality and empower fair trade communities. When you shop with Optimum Health and Optimum Health, you’re contributing to a healthier planet and fair economical systems for all.