If you’re a frequent visitor through our doors at our apothecary, you’re a tinkerer. You’re keen on making positive changes in your life and the environment. You are naturalistic, mature, and wise beyond your years. You have high expectations for quality and service. You are a curious soul, open to new experiences, and often pause to reflect on the teachings your inquisitive nature provides. You live to learn and yearn to create. You excitedly engage with simple, nature-forward products, home remedies, and cosmetic recipes. Now you’re ready to get your hands dirty, and you’re ready for the next phase of your home-making journey, but maybe you don’t know where to start. And that’s why you’re here. Kolya is for intermediate and beginner makers. Our appeal lies in our simple, easy-to-implement wellness practices that provide relaxation and ease without demanding too much time or effort.

When you walk through our doors and meet the team, you’ll find a passionate bunch of herbalists, enthusiasts, naturalists, botanical alchemists, and nutrition-focused individuals. While not cosmetic chemists, we approach our work with dedication, mindfulness, and a commitment to research and accuracy. We love being human: we make mistakes, we get messy, we learn, and we grow! We're proud of the community we’ve built, our commitment to quality and authenticity, our beautiful boutique environment, and our wonderful supportive team.

We take pride in being a haven for everyone from the greenest of DIY enthusiasts to the most seasoned of home crafters. We are for those seeking authentic, high-quality ingredients for botanical creations. Our commitment lies in empowering individuals to explore the art of crafting with nature-inspired elements, sharing ideas, and offering a range of carefully selected ingredients. Whether you're just starting your DIY journey or have a long-time passion for botanicals, we're here to support and inspire you in your creative endeavors.

It's important to note that we operate as passionate crafters, not as laboratory or professional cosmetic formulators. Our focus is on providing a curated selection of key ingredients and inspiration for handmakers who appreciate the gifts of nature and like to get their hands dirty. While we cater to the needs of those seeking to craft unique and natural products at home, we are a small company, and our scale doesn't allow us to fulfill the requirements of professional cosmetic formulators. We celebrate the essence of handcrafting, understanding that each creation is a unique expression of individual artistry and passion.

In essence, our apothecary stands as a gathering place for those who revel in the joy of “do-it-yourself.” We’re for those who cultivate their own wellness journey and want to make beautiful things at home, but don’t necessarily know how (yet). We are committed to fostering creativity, providing top-notch ingredients, and sharing knowledge to enrich our community of crafters. So, whether you're a total DIY beginner, a plant-based newbie, a seasoned handmaker, or a die-hard nature nut, join our adventures, where every invention is a testament to the spirit of creativity.