Loa Skin

Antigravity Gua Sha



  • Firms facial contours
  • Stimulates healthy circulation
  • Eases facial muscle tension

The Antigravity Gua Sha is an effective massage tool for aging skin that features a larger design than the standard Gua sha, with the unique addition of a curved comb edge. This allows for both a facial and full body treatment, providing an unparalleled level of lymphatic drainage, fascia release, and increased microcirculation.

Pairing these effects together, the Antigravity Gua Sha promotes collagen and oxygen generation, helping to firm, lift, and de-puff the skin for a renewed and youthful appearance. Through consistent use, facial and body massage offers one of the best ways to combat the negative effects of gravity and aging skin.

Recommended For: A facial tool to smooth fine lines and ease muscle tension.

To Use: Apply 10+ drops of your favourite facial oil. Place the gua sha almost flat to the skin, starting at the center of your face glide in outwards sweeping motions to the edge of your face. Repeat once a day or every other day.

Recommended For: A facial tool to smooth fine lines and ease muscle tension.

Gua Sha originated and has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a healing and pain-relieving method. Our Antigravity Gua Sha is meticulously handcrafted and carved from black obsidian stone in Dongguan city, China.

Black obsidian is a type of hard glass material that’s naturally formed from rapidly cooled volcanic lava. Obsidian typically forms when lava pours into a lake or sea where it instantly cools and consolidates. It’s extremely rich in non-crystalline silica (up to 80%), making it different from gemstones and more structurally unique.

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