Cheeks Ahoy

Bamboo Facial Rounds


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  • Reusable facial rounds
  • Bamboo fleece & organic cotton blend
  • 2 ply; pack of 8
  • Handmade ethically in Canada

Cheeky Bits facial rounds eliminate disposable cotton balls and facial rounds. Perfect for makeup remover, applying toner, and washing or gently exfoliating the face. Also useful for cleaning little ones’ mouths after brushing teeth. These fantastic eco-friendly replacements green up your daily facial routine, lasting through years of use and washing.

Organic bamboo fleece & cotton blend, 2-ply, 3” diameter

Handmade ethically in Peterborough, Ontario.

Pre-rinse if necessary to reduce staining. Wash with cold water with detergent of choice. Tumble or hang dry; avoid fabric softener and dryer sheets as these may decrease absorbency.

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