New Roots

Borage Oil 1000 mg



  • Made with Organic Borage
  • Eczema · Acne · Dermal Inflammation
  • 2 softgels twice daily

Our borage oil is non-⁠GMO and an excellent source of gamma-⁠linolenic acid.

New Roots Herbal’s Borage Oil is sourced exclusively from its seeds. These boast nature’s most potent concentration of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), measuring up to 23%.

Borage oil owes its health benefits to the presence of essential fatty acids, the most important of which is GLA, an omega-⁠6 fatty acid. This and other essential fatty acids present in borage seeds have proven to impart a regulatory function on the body’s fatty-acid metabolism. Fat metabolism is as critical as the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates. Current research supports the use of essential fatty acids in promoting optimal health.

A more specific use of Borage Oil is for the treatment of skin damage and inflammation, for example in case of acne or eczema. Borage Oil will help relieve skin roughness and redness, and to maintain firmness, moisture, elasticity, and hydration.

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