Living Libations

Copper Tongue Scraper



  • Removes harmful bacteria
  • Creates a healthy oral environment
  • Made of anti-microbial copper

Living Libations Copper Tongue Scraper is a magic wand for your cleanest mouth ever!

The tongue is one of the most neglected organs in the body. Brushing, flossing, and even mouth wash are often not enough to remove harmful bacteria or build-up on the tongue. With a few simple scrapes, you can revitalize your tongue, teeth, and mouth, and protect the internal organs directly linked to tongue health.

Tongue scraping is an ancient Ayurvedic oral care remedy that rids the mouth of bacteria and build-up that contribute to poor oral ecology. It is a painless process to remove dead skin cells, food particles, fungus, and bacteria from the surface of the tongue.

To Use: Gently scrape the surface of the tongue morning and night.

Recommended For: Effectively cleaning the surface of the tongue.

Ingredients: Essential Copper

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