Essential Oil Spray - Zoombie - Anger, Irritability



  • Essential oil sprays for children’s emotional states
  • Helps to calm your child’s nerves
  • It imparts a renewed sense of safety

Zoombie I’m angry. For our little ones, the everyday is sometimes heavy to assume: disappointment, annoyance, frustration... These difficulties explain the tantrums for some. The “Zoombie” formula helps to calm your child’s nerves. It imparts a renewed sense of safety and helps to appease your little one. His or her bursts of anger will be under control, with a greater sense of well-being.

Recommended Use: Use our aromatic spray solutions on a stuffed toy, handkerchief or bed linen. Spray before bedtime or at any other time during the day.

Recommended Dose: A single spray at a distance of 30cm (12 inches) is sufficient. Our spray does not stain. Wait 2 to 3 min before giving the teddy bear/handkerchief to the child or before putting him or her to bed. Repeat if necessary, without exceeding 3 sprays within 24 hours.

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