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Inner Journey Crystal Infused Reeds




The “Inner Journey" reed diffuser collection offers much more than just an olfactory experience. These reed diffusers can help you refocus and rebalance your energies thanks to crystals and essential oils carefully selected for their energy properties in connection with each chakra of the body.

Traveling within yourself is one of the most profound and rewarding adventures one can undertake.

The INNER GROWTH reed diffuser, associated with he crown chakra, contains amethyst crystals, which can help elevate consciousness and spirituality by promoting focus and transformation. Lavender, rose geranium, bergamot and rosewood essential oils deliver a soothing aroma to promote healing.

The INNER STRENGTH reed diffuser, associated with the root chakra, contains Obsidian crystals, known to help anchor our energy in the present and promote resilience in times of stress. The essential oils of cedarwood, geranium, grapefruit and sweet orange reinforce the feeling of stability and balance.

The SELF LOVE reed diffuser, associated with the heart chakra, contains rose quartz crystals, symbols of love and compassion that invite you to cultivate acceptance, forgiveness and compassion. The Essential oil blend of sandalwood, ylang-ylang, rose geranium and almond oil promote emotional harmony.

Recommended Use: Remove the screw cap and stopper. Return screw cap onto bottle and insert sticks into the container and flip them once. Allow the sticks to gradually draw up the aroma oil and slowly emanate fragrance into the room. Flip sticks occasionally to refresh the scents. For a more subtle fragrance or to adjust for smaller spaces, use fewer sticks.

Alcohol-Based Ingredients: Our reed diffusers are crafted using alcohol as a base. Alcohol is a safe and effective carrier for essential oils, known for its rapid evaporation and low toxicity. It quickly disperses essential oils without leaving residues or compromising indoor air quality, making it an excellent choice for a reed diffuser.

Essential Oils and Chakras-Linked Crystals: To enhance your spiritual journey and establish a deeper connection with your inner self, we infuse our reed diffusers with essential oils linked to crystals and chakras. These essential oils not only offer authentic scents but also align with the energy and symbolism of crystals and chakras. This holistic approach contributes to a genuine and meaningful experience during your inner journey.

Reed Sticks Made of Fiber: The advantage is that they won't mold or bend in a humid environment.

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