Parfum Extrait 7ml



  • Alcohol-free formula
  • Concentrated and long-wearing
  • Natural essential oils

100% Natural Parfum Extrait. Highly concentrated and rich in therapeutic-grade essential oils, this alcohol-free format is silky smooth on the skin. In a travel-friendly 7mL bottle, dab on pulse points for a restorative scent ritual in your day.

Apply to pulse points for a nourishing scent experience – a fragrant addition to your daily wellness rituals. Deeply potent, silky smooth and lasts all day.

Golden Neroli - A luscious citrus floral that opens with a harmonious neroli and matcha tea accord, a rich jasmin sambac, petitgrain and ylang ylang heart and a soft santal base.

Cyan Nori - With the ocean as its muse, sweet, salty and effervescent Cyan Nori is the best-selling perfume in our collection. A fruity and juicy scent with hints of (plant-derived) musk, Cyan Nori opens with tangerine and peach and has a salty, deep-sea dry-down. If you long for gritty, beachy days with salt-drenched hair and sun-warmed skin, Cyan Nori is the scent for you.

Cobalt Amber - A sophisticated oriental, where bright pink pepper and juniper berry give this classic amber a modern twist.

Green Cedar - The unique combination of a twice distilled Texas cedar and wild harvested Atlas Mountain cedar make for a distinctive, intoxicating fragrance.

Pink Iris - Nose-tingling Sichuan pepper and fresh basil open this traditional floral bouquet where its namesake iris shines among a showstopping lineup of rose, jasmine, and natural musk.

At Abel we care...

We believe in the power and beauty of (100% natural) scent and its ability to enrich daily life in a way nothing else can. We also believe that we are the generation of businesses and consumers who can turn the tide on the global climate crisis, but that we must act now. Read more about our environmental initiatives here, and help us, by holding us accountable.

To Use: Apply to pulse points for long-lasting scent. Reapply as desired.

Recommended For: A concentrated natural fragrance, alcohol-free formula and long-wearing scent

Golden Neroli

neroli oil - Tunesia
mandarine oil - Italy
bitter orange oil - France
hexenol cis-3 - *naturally derived matcha tea note
hexenyl acetate cis-3 - *naturally derived sweet green note
decalacton gamma - *naturally derived waxy peach note
bergamot oil - Italy
petitgrain oil - Paraguay
ylang ylang oil - Comoros Islands
jasmin sambac absolute - India
broom absolute - France
ethyl acetoacetate - *naturally derived citrus note
sandalwood oil - India
vanilla extract - Madagascar *fair trade
linalool - *naturally derived soft wood note
ambrettolide - *naturally derived musk note
non-denatured food grade grain alcohol - Italy *organic
INCI (potential allergens): - limonene, linalool, citral, benzyl benzoate, geraniol, benzyl salicylate, farnesol, benzyl alcohol, citronellol, isoeugenol, eugenol

Cyan Nori

tangerine oil - Brazil
Aldehyde c14 - *plant derived peach note
ambrettolide - *plant derived musk note
hexenol cis-3 - *plant derived green tea note
bergamot oil - Italy
ambroxan - *plant derived ambergris note
nori absolute balsam oil - France
grain alcohol (not denatured) - Italy *organic
INCI (potential allergens) - Citral, Citronellol, Limonene, Linalool

Cobalt Amber

pink pepper extract - Reunion Island
juniper berry oil - Balkans
bergamot oil - Italy
vetiverol - *naturally derived vetiver note
maltol - *naturally derived caramel note
tonka bean absolute - Venezuela
peru balsam oil - El Salvador
cistus labdanum absolute - Spain
sandalwood oil - India
cedarwood oil - U.S.A.
patchouli oil - Indonesia
ambroxan - *naturally derived ambergris note
ambrettolide - *naturally derived musk note
vanillin - *naturally derived vanilla note
non-denatured food grade grain alcohol - Italy *organic
INCI (potential allergens): - limonene, coumarin, linalool, benzyl benzoate, benzyl alcohol, cinnamal, benzyl cinnamate, citral, isoeugenol, cinnamic alcohol, citronellol, eugenol

Green Cedar

magnolia flower oil - China
cardamom oil - India
cardamom oil - Guatemala
angelica root oil - Belgium
chamomile oil - Egypt
cumin oil - Egypt
cypriol oil - India
guaiac wood oil - Paraguay
ambroxide - China *naturally derived ambergris note
ambrettolide - India *naturally derived musk note
cedarwood oil - Atlas Mountains, Morocco
cedarwood oil (twice distilled) - Texas, USA
non-denatured food grade grain alcohol - Italy *organic
INCI (potential allergens): - linalool, limonene, geraniol, isoeugenol, citral, farnesol

Pink Iris

Sichuan pepper oil - China
basil oil - Comores Islands
bergamot oil - Italy
lemon oil - Italy
grapefruit oil - Italy
methyl anthranilate - *naturally derived grape note
carrot seed oil
hexenol cis-3 - *naturally derived matcha tea note
frambinon - *naturally derived raspberry leaf note
cabreuva oil - Paraguay
linalool oil
rose absolute
phenylethyl acetate nat. - *naturally derived honey note
jasmin absolute - Egypt
violet leaves absolute - Egypt
lonone beta - *naturally derived rose note
orris butter concrete - France
heliotropin/piperonal - *naturally derived vanilla note
vanillin - *naturally derived vanilla note
bezoin siam absolute
tonka bean absolute - Venezuela
ambroxan - *naturally derived ambergris note
Ambrettolide - *naturally derived musk note
non-denatured food grade grain alcohol - Italy *organic
INCI (potential allergens): - limonene, citronellon, linalool, benzyl benzoate, farnesol, citral, coumarin, eugenol, geraniol, isoeugenol, benzyl alcohol, benzyl cinnamate, benzyl salicylate,

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