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Problem Skin Cream


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  • Designed to treat difficult skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, rosacea. It contains high potency OPA, Canadian willow complex, and MSM.

Our Problem Skin Program focuses on cleansing, soothing, and repairing problem skin areas.

(OPA Life (a complex compound of plant acids and citrus extracts)
OPA Life is an all natural anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti microbial blend of citrus extracts which gently cleanses the skin.

Canadian Willow Herb

Canadian Willowherb is a potent anti-inflammatory which also soothes irritated or problem skin.
A proven antioxidant, Canadian Willowherb also reduces erythema induced by chemicals and UV (within 30 minutes of use).
Provides fast relief from skin irritations.

Tamanu Oil

Tamanu Oil is a heavy hitter. This generally supportive healing oil has been used traditionally for skin health in the South Pacific, esp Polynesia and South East Asia. Rich in fatty acids which help moisturize ans soothe the skin for .


Calendula is a naturally occurring antioxidant with antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties.
These properties make it useful in healing wounds and soothing problem skin conditions.
It's also used to help protect against pollutants and UV rays, and photoaging caused by sunlight.

Recommended Use: Apply cream as needed to ease problem skin conditions such as eczema, rosasia and psoriasis. Use 3 times a day.

Water, MSM (plant sulphur), willow herb extract, tamanu oil, sunflower oil, glyceryl monostearate, stearic acid, caprylic/capric triglyceride, xanthan gum, Nutra OPA (organic plant acids), essential oils, chamomile, vitamins A, D & E, plant trace minerals.

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