4 Quick tips to Help Beat a Bug

Even when you are using high quality natural immunity products, if you don't use them correctly you still may not get the desired results.

I always think it is so unfortunate when people could have beaten an oncoming bug if they had only used the right things in the right way, because both factors are equally important. 

Having consulted people on natural remedies for over 35 years, I have had thousands of examples to see what works. Due to the regulations surrounding the area, I am going to speak largely from personal experience. 

1. Have it on hand.

When it comes to beating bugs, hours matter. The more quickly you can address the signs of an oncoming infection, the better your chances of beating it...so get on top of it as soon as you can!

What I keep with me is Opti-Oregano oil, and a small bottle of Opti-Silver Solutions to use as a spray. I find that even if I am somewhere inconvenient, and I start feeling something, taking a shot of Opti-Oregano oil usually knocks it out. 

On the other hand, I topically apply the Opti-Silver Solutions spray as a physical barrier, on more of a preventive basis. Still, I have also found it effective used internally as a spray under my tongue for sore throats and nausea. Yet, when using silver solution internally I do not find it is compatible with oregano oil if taken at the exact same time. I find it gives me a mildly unpleasant head-rush. If ingesting, I would separate them by a minimum of 15 minutes.

If these two aids don't halt a bug completely, then I find they at least hold it off until you can access "bigger guns" like Optimum Immunity. (Specific properties of this formula will be featured in my next blog.)  I keep this formula at home and work, along with other immunity products discussed below.

(This also applies to L-Lysine and Optimum Immunity that I use if I feel a cold sore starting.)

2. Hit it Hard!

At the first sign of an impending bug (usually a sore throat for me) I use our Opti-Smooth oregano oil... 3/4 to 1 inch in a dropper. I squirt it directly on the part of my throat that is sore, and then move it around in my mouth to get it in touch with my mucous membranes before swallowing. However, as I written before in previous blogs, even though I have found taking it undiluted is the most effective, this is not for the faint of heart! For people unfamiliar with Oregano oil they should have a glass of water on hand[See: How To Use Oregano Oil for Best Results]

Next I take three capsules of Optimum Immunity as quickly as possible. If the bug keeps coming I will repeat the oregano oil 3-5 times on day 1, and the Optimum Immunity up to 3 times, including before bed. This usually kills it, but I will repeat both of these at this frequency on day 2 if it is still there, and 1-2 times the day after if symptoms are still lingering. The good thing about both of these products is that it doesn't matter whether they are with food or not, though I find that an empty stomach produces results more quickly. [See: Why Optimum Immunity Is A "Must Have" This Cold And Flu Season.]

I estimate that this helps me kill 9 out of 10 bugs that are trying to gain a foot hold in my system.


3. Prevent it to begin with.

If I have been sneezed-on or in contact with someone who is sick, or going into a mall or a plane, I will spray Opti-Silver Solution on my face, in my eyes, ears nose and throat, and on my hands. I have found this reduces any bugs presenting themselves in my system substantially...especially on planes!

I will sometimes spray my hands after I wash them, or shake hands with someone, and I have clients who add Opti-Silver Solutions to their furnace humidifiers to keep their homes clear.

I find using Opti-Silver Solution in these ways to be very bio-friendly, and I still have never observed a case of dysbiosis (i.e., disruption in friendly bacteria) from internal use, though I still definitely take my probiotics when ingesting it frequently. 


4. Maintain daily health supplements for strong Immunity.

In keeping with #3, during the cold and flu months, there are several things you can do daily to improve your chances of remaining well. Here is a further list of basic things that I use to maintain strong immunity on a daily basis.

Microencapsulated Opti-Vitamin D Max with vitamin K2

(I use 10,000 IU vitamin D, and 240 IU Vitamin K per day during the winter. I have found the Microencapsulated Vitamin D the best by far for immunity!

Opti-Elite Probiotics

2 to 4 per day, though I sometimes take more if I'm feeling under the weather. I find the most pronounced benefits taking this on an empty stomach

Synergy 3 - Optimum Omega with EPA, DHA and GLA

For the most potent anti-inflammatory effect.

Immuno Multi by CanPrev

I find this formula very supportive, and that it gives me energy, though I do usually add extra zinc.

GSH + by Salvation Nutraceuticals

Keeping your glutathione levels up is critical to a healthy immune response. Sometimes I add extra NAC, and sometimes not. I also add one quercetin and 2000mg of vitamin C daily.

Though this list is not exhaustive, it covers the essential elements. Hope you find it helpful!

Be Well,




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