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CanPrev grew out of a desire to make natural medicine safe, effective and accessible to everyone. Our mission is simple, to keep advancing naturopathic medicine tools in order to improve quality of life.

Our focus is on making the best possible products that informed patients, real practitioners, and responsible Canadians can use. This requires learning the actions and mechanisms of every ingredient before it goes into a formula. It insists on high standards of purity and potency for each and every ingredient sourced.

In-House Experts

Natural health practitioners are active Team members and intrinsic to the decision-making of our company. Nutritionist, naturopathic doctor and other licensed healthcare practitioner input is integrated dominantly in our research and development, quality assurance and educational activities. Many maintain private practices to stay on top of natural health trends and patient needs.

Quality Guaranteed

All CanPrev products are Health Canada licensed and manufactured at Canadian, site-licensed facilities that use modern processing equipment to meet Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Every batch is tested by independent laboratories for that extra level of quality.

Premium Ingredients

We select only the finest quality raw materials from trusted Canadian suppliers. Our team carefully reviews each ingredient and certificate of analysis to ensure they meet CanPrev’s exact specifications for identity, purity and potency.

Silver Linings

Founded in 2005, CanPrev quickly developed a reputation for its quality line of comprehensive natural health products, but what many people don’t know is how and why CanPrev started.

A cancer survivor and busy mother of four, Tanya Salituro founded CanPrev to share the passion she developed for natural health during her three separate journeys with breast cancer. When first diagnosed with cancer at 21, she looked to natural health options for aid and prevention.

After extensive research and inquiry into therapeutic quantities of herbs and supplements available, she eventually founded CanPrev with the expertise of Canadian Naturopathic Doctors.

A Milestone in Natural Health

For CanPrev, 2020 marks 15 years of providing quality, comprehensive natural

health products that Canadians use every day to support their health.

Over the years, sharing stories and conversations has inspired Tanya to create CanPrev Women, a unique set of natural health products designed specifically to help support women’s health needs.

Supporting Local

Shop for naturopathic medicine in Canada

Tanya has recently toured across Canada visiting health food stores, with hopes to inspire more conversations that support aspects of ‘self care’ for true well-being and living. Whether it be through supplementation, better connection to community or understanding ‘self care’ practices available to us.

Read Tanya’s full story here: canprevwomen.ca

Do What You Love

Canadian health products

Our team of ambassadors rise to every occasion!

CanPrev aims to support their inspiring, athletic and often most adventurous endeavours whenever, and however we can.

Canadian natural health products

CanPrev Ambassadors, often partake in fun and/or extreme fundraisers for various charitable efforts such as the cross Canada cycling trip by Nir and Sean who bravely cycled from Vancouver to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto and then on to the east coast! They courageously raised funds for the Meaghan’s Walk charity for paediatric brain tumour research.

To do what they love, CanPrev Ambassadors keep health top of mind. For anyone who has thought about giving up on achieving a goal – look to these individuals for inspiration.

Check out CanPrev Ambassadors in action: 

Video - Clean, custom nutrition. 

Video - Your story. Your goals. Your day.

Video - Benefits of Magnesium.

CanPrev Community

CanPrev hires naturopathic doctors

At CanPrev we believe in practically furthering the natural health cause at all levels, as well as, helping to improve health for the underprivileged in tangible ways. Our annual research competitions for doctors and students grants thousands of dollars each year.

The CanPrev Family also supports education of natural health practitioners in the major nutrition and naturopathic colleges of Canada as well as offers scholarships for students in need.

Our products are regularly donated to Naturopaths Without Borders, shelters and crisis centres, new refugees and Health Day initiatives around Canada. CanPrev also donates to the cutting edge Ottawa Integrative Medicine Institute and Yonge Street Mission shelter/food bank annually.

natural healthcare products

Caring for the environment in every way that we can is also high priority as we encourage sustainable living throughout the workplace.

Minimizing environmental footprint meticulously from a private warehouse recycling program and paperless office procedures to product packaging (without compromising safety and label requirements) is always a top priority for the Team. We work attentively with manufacturers on efficiency and streamlining of manufacturing processes.

Our headquarters’ rooftop in Scarborough is completely covered in solar panels.

And 400 trees have been planted since we moved to this office and warehouse location!

Our passion for good health has driven us as much as it has sustained us.

We look forward to the future and continuing to bring innovative, safe, and effective health options to Canadians.

Staying true to our mission has helped to create a company that we are proud to work for. And for over a decade, our passion for good health has driven us as much as it has sustained us.

You keep us inspired Canada. Thank you!


“The wonderful results; the daily testimonials; the conversations in person and online of how natural health products are helping Canadians, is humbling and so worth the challenges of building a Canadian health brand. It’s my hope that CanPrev will continue to lead, educate and bless others with the gift of finding better health, for many decades to come.”

~ Tanya Salituro, Founder.

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