'Extraordinary Health Starts With Extraordinary Ingredients', by Garden of Life

When we walk into our local health store, we are welcomed by an abundance of choice. Brand after brand all with different formulas, different methods, different prices, and different packaging. Choice is a wonderful thing but without additional knowledge about the companies and what they stand for, decisions can be a bit overwhelming. So, what makes one brand so different from another? We can’t speak to what other companies deem important, but we can provide you with an introduction to Garden of Life, how they came about, what they stand for and why we are such fans.

Garden of Life is unique. Since the beginning, Garden of Life’s purpose has been to lead the way in offering supplements produced from actual food, produced without chemicals, and which provide results people can actually feel. 

Garden of Life was founded in 2000 by Jordan Rubin. Inspired and driven by his personal experience in battling and recovering from Crohn’s disease, Garden of Life was born. Jordan’s mission was to dedicate the rest of his life to sharing his knowledge of natural health, to be a spark for transformation . . . to Empower Extraordinary Health®.

To this day, three main principles guide Garden of Life in what we make and how we make it.

1.) The Science of Whole Food

Our bodies were created to eat, process, and derive their nutrition from food. To create our products, we start by selecting high-quality real food ingredients. Next, we develop and utilize the latest technology to preserve that nutrition and provide supplements containing what people are missing in their diets. All this with the aim of having the greatest potential impact on improving health.

2.) Clean is Healthy

We are fanatical about what goes IN our products but equally so about what stays OUT of them. Namely, synthetic chemicals, non-food additives and artificial ingredients. If it is not food, we do not want it in our supplements. Third-party testing at all stages ensures our products are clean (not just our own opinion on the matter).

3.) Traceability

We pay attention to everything – where each and every ingredient in our products comes from, knowing the source of where they are grown, their farming practices, and how they pay and treat their employees. Quality is maintained from the seed to the final product, every step of the way.

Garden of Life will always stick to what it does best – using nutrients from real food to promote health and wellness, as has been done for thousands of years.

Mykind Line of Supplements

Garden of Life mykind organics b12 organic spray

Garden of Life’s mykind line is the pinnacle of a whole food, organic supplement line. The mykind line not only provides the vitamins and minerals required to maintain health but also the antioxidants and polyphenols from the plants those vitamins and minerals are sourced form. These extra components, although not the only reason, are what puts mykind apart from other supplements on the market. Other important facts that make this line special are:

  • USDA Organic certification - ensuring no pesticides are used in the growing process. Garden of Life goes one step further with our biodynamic ingredients, a process which supports regeneration of the soil. The healthier the soil, the more nutrients in the plants and the better supplements we can provide.
  • Non-GMO Project Verified - not only eliminates genetically modified ingredients but provides testing and traceability of all ingredients from the seeds to the final product.
  • Plant ingredients are standardized to particular amounts of vitamin and minerals ensuring a consistent level of nutrients. A patented freshwater extraction method ensures there are NO solvents used which means no solvent residue in your supplements.  
  • Clean tablet technology - First ever 100% organic food approach to tablets. Clean tablet technology was developed to make sure that only food ingredients are used throughout the entire process. Most other tablets use non-food ingredients in the production of tablets such as flow agents and tablet coatings.
  • There are no carriers, no fermentation, and no added ingredients (including no isolated, lab-produced vitamins).
  • A fruit and vegetable blend is used to make up the bulk of the tablet rather than starches or other inert substances often used by other companies. Every part of the tablet is beneficial to your nutrition and well-being.

Garden of Life’s mykind line checks all the boxes on what a nutritional supplement should be. However, it is not only what we eat that keeps us healthy but what we actually absorb. Garden of Life’s focus on extraordinary health continues with a focus on the microbiome and digestive tract. Having a healthy gut not only assists with the absorption of nutrients but supports our immune system and contributes to positive mental health.

Dr. Formulated Probiotics

Mood+ garden of life

Garden of Life created the Dr. Formulated line of probiotics in collaboration with internationally renowned microbiome expert David Perlmutter, M.D. This line features researched strains of bacteria tested for acid, bile and antibiotic resistance as well as containing a prebiotic blend to ensure proper delivery and adherence. Individuals with food allergies and sensitivities need not worry, as this line is hypoallergenic, vegetarian-friendly, non-GMO Project Verified, gluten, dairy and soy free.

The Dr. Formulated line has a variety of specifically tailored probiotics formulas to meet the varying needs of our customers.

  • Once Daily Prenatal
  • Organic Kids+ chewable
  • Once Daily Men’s and Once Daily Women’s
  • Urinary Tract+ 50 Billion
  • Mood+ 50 Billion
  • Prostate+ 50 Billion
  • Once Daily 30 Billion
  • Once Daily Ultra 90 Billion

Garden of Life has you and your family’s probiotic needs covered.

Dr. Formulated Enzymes

Digestive enzymes promote nutrient absorption and help digestion after meals. Organic Digest+ is the first and only USDA Certified Organic and non-GMO Project Verified chewable vegan enzyme (and it is delicious). A full-spectrum digestive enzyme formula that includes 13 digestive enzymes (including 120,000 FCC PU from papain) and 29 powdered, organic fruits and vegetables. You can feel confident in your product choice knowing that:

  • NO sugars or artificial flavours, sweeteners, colours, preservatives, binders or fillers are added.
  • Dairy free, soy free, Vegan Certified, Gluten free

Our goal was to give you some insight into Garden of Life and our products, hopefully we have managed that. So, next time you step into your local health food store, you will be able to recognize Garden of Life, recognize a brand to trust. We look forward to seeing you.



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