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Nutra Research Int’l Ltd.was founded by Jonn Randel, PhD, who decided at the age of 19 that he would dedicate his life to researching and teaching wellness concepts. He has been researching natural wellness since 1971, and has had the privilege of working with over fifteen world-class mentors.

Drawing from Ayurveda, a 5000 year old herbal science, Jonn has re-discovered the benefits of plant minerals and fulvic acid. He blends both ancient and modern formulating techniques in all his products.

Through the course of his career Jonn has achieved several major breakthroughs in the areas of Natural Medicine and Skin Care, and has often been referred to as a pioneer in the field.


(Nutra) blends both ancient and modern formulating techniques in all (their) products.

Nutra OPA - 'Immunity Gold'

In the jungles of South America, a UN Scientist named Dr Cipolleti discovered the power of organic plant acids. She noted that the indigenous peoples used the lemon juice of the jungle to alleviate the effects of a simple spider bite.

Looking into why the lemon juice was so effective she realized that the lemon juice contained many antimicrobials, and thus began her research into the power of organic plant acids. Jonn Randel heard about her research and a collaboration ensued which would ultimately culminate with the development of Nutra OPA.

A NASA Scientist looks at OPA

Soon after Dr Cipolleti`s discovery, Dr Smith, a PhD in chemistry who worked for NASA, was asked to solve a problem with fungi. The issue was fungi growing in large batches of tortilla mix. Dr Smith started to experiment with different OPA's (organic plant acids), and eventually came up with a formula that worked. Jonn Randel met with Dr. Smith and worked on a formula for the general GI tract which eventually led to Jonn`s breakthrough development of Nutra OPA.


The effectiveness of Nutra OPA has been verified in lab testing! Get the receipts here: Research and Testing


Laboratory testing using the USP Challenge Test showed the ability of Nutra OPA to retard the growth of pathogens. Common microbial pathogens were exposed to Nutra OPA. The results showed that Nutra OPA destroyed all five of the pathogens tested in less than a week. This test indicated that Nutra OPA is more effective than previous natural antimicrobials such as oregano oil and grapeseed extract!


Ultra Defense Organic

Jonn soon realized that the antibacterial, anti-microbial, and antifungal properties of OPA made it the ideal GI Tract cleanse - the fact that Nutra OPA will destroy harmful bacteria but not damage the helpful bacteria makes it a great daily tool to improve digestive health and provide an element of immunity against colds, flus and other stomach maladies. These mild tasting, organic plant acids help protect both humans and animals from illnesses caused by salmonella, E.coli, clostridium and other pathogens found in air, food and water.


…the fact that Nutra OPA will destroy harmful bacteria but not damage friendly bacteria makes it a great daily tool to improve digestive health and provide an element of immunity against colds, flus and other stomach maladies.


Around the time Jonn was perfecting his Nutra OPA program, several doctors who were buying health supplements from Nutra Research requested hormonal specialty creams such as progesterone and wild yam. Jonn’s research into retinol made him realize that the facial creams available on the market at the time could be greatly improved so he began to experiment.

OPAs -The Perfect Natural Preservative

As Jonn began to work with doctors to formulate natural medicines and skin care, he realized that the anti-microbial properties of Nutra OPA made it an ideal natural preservative for the hormonal creams and serums he was developing. The idea of using “Organic Plant Acids” as a base for both skin care and natural medicine was totally new. The simplicity of this concept, along with the great benefits of these plant extracts intrigued Jonn, and inspired him to develop a health care system from the “inside out” using special combinations of organic plant acids to optimize both internal health and skin care.

In addition to preserving the creams and extending shelf life, Jonn soon discovered that Nutra OPA removes bacteria which can build up in fine lines and create wrinkles and other skin problems, making it an effective tool for skin care as well as an ideal preservative.


OPAs and Skin Care

Extra-concentrated Nutra Healing Acne Spray is designed to reduce and eliminate inflammation caused by harmful facial bacteria.

Combined with plant sulphurs (which have been proven to help treat acne), plus soothing essential oils, this spray is a fast, effective, and gentle treatment which is non-drying and will not upset the skin’s protective microbiome. Suggested use is three times a day. Very effective on body acne, and safe for teens as well as adults!


The anti-microbial power of Organic Plant Acids is not yet widely known, but you and your family can benefit tremendously from nature’s intelligence this winter. Put Nutra Research’s cold and flu system to the test, and keep a bottle of our Ultra Defense drops on hand for when the flu bug bites! Pair it with our OPA nasal spray and/or throat spray, and cold and flu germs will be no match for your defenses.

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