Honey Mint Cleansing Balm

This honey mint cleansing balm is nothing short of refreshing.

Formulated to work in tandem with the skin’s pH, it cleanses away the day without stripping away the natural oils that keep our skin glowing.

As this recipe requires a preservative, look into our selection of eco-friendly preservatives or conduct your own thorough research.

Fresh, creamy, and made from entirely plant-based ingredients, this cleanser is fantastic for oneself or as a gift to the skincare enthusiast in your life.

Yields 120mL


Tools Needed:

Glass jar

Double boiler x2 OR two bowls set over pots containing

1-inch of gently simmering water

Immersion blender OR whisk Deep-sided container such as a glass measuring cup OR large bowl (if using whisk)

Liquid stage:

32g water

14g glycerin

10g honey

50g peppermint hydrosol (OR 50 g water plus 5 - 7 drops peppermint essential oil)

Oil stage:

20g emulsifying wax

10g stearic acid

60g avocado oil

Cool-down stage:

1.5g Geoguard


Warm all Liquid Stage ingredients in a double boiler. Do not over

heat. If using water and essential oil instead of hydrosol, add water, but omit essential oil until the final cool-down stage of preparation.

While Liquid Stage warms, in a separate double boiler, melt all Oil Stage ingredients together.

When Oil Stage is thoroughly melted, and Liquid Stage mixture is warm (not hot) to the touch, pour Oil Stage into a deep-sided container such as a glass measuring cup or a large bowl. With an immersion blender or whisk, adding 1/3rd at a time, incorporate warmed Liquid Stage into Oil Stage.

Blend thoroughly between additions. The mixture will look like cream.

Allow to cool at least 5 minutes.

Thoroughly mix in preservative, and essential oil if using.

Scrape into a wide-mouthed cap jar and allow to cool and set completely, at least 4 hours. Use as-is for a balm cleanser, or mix with a few drops of water in the palm of your hand for a lighter, creamier texture.

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