Winter Cordial

Like fine wine, this cordial improves with time. Allow it to steep for a minimum of two weeks to let the flavors harmonize.

Our secret lies in the blend of loose-leaf tea and dried herbs, infusing this warm, indulgent beverage with aromatic and flavorful nuances. It's a fruity, subtly sweet, and uniquely delightful treat that's sure to impress your dinner guests at dessert time.

Yet, after a tiring day, it's equally satisfying to savor a glass all to yourself! Enjoy it straight or add a teaspoon to your cup of tea for an extra touch of indulgence.

Yields approximately 625 mL


⅓ cup Earth’s Aromatique Blueberry Fusion loose leaf tea

¼ cup Earth’s Aromatique Elderberries or Rosehips loose bulk herbs

375 mL brandy

1 cup cherry concentrate

⅓ - ⅔ c honey (to taste)


In a 500 mL lidded jar, add loose leaf tea and loose bulk herbs; cover with brandy. Cap, and shake daily for two weeks to agitate and fully infuse tea into the brandy.

Line a strainer with cheesecloth to strain the infusion, then squeeze the remaining tea pulp through cheesecloth into a large measuring cup.

Stir in cherry concentrate.

Meanwhile, over low heat, add honey and ½ the cordial into a double boiler. Stir until honey is completely dissolved, but take care not to overheat.

Remove from heat and pour honey mixture into remaining cordial. Stir well.

Using a measuring cup and a funnel, bottle cordial into two 375 mL cork bottles. Cap and label.

To Use

Stave away the winter chills or enjoy as an after-dinner aperitif/dessert. This may also be added to a cup of tea by the tsp. Not suitable for persons under 18.

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