Earth's Aromatique

Amber Glass Jar w/ Black Lid



  • Highest level UV protection
  • PV paper-lined caps
  • Ideal for bath & body care preparations

These straight-sided amber-coloured glass jars are ideal for a range of light-sensitive products such as those containing herbal preparations, essential oils, and volatile carrier oils. The caps are phenolic plastic, which is both highly durable and fully recyclable. The caps are lined with a polyvinyl film adhered to a white paper backing, removable if you wish, serving as an extra level of sanitation and chemical resistance.

Bottle Material: Glass

Cap Material: Phenolic, PV Lined

Cap Style: Ribbed

2 oz. Size: H: 52mm, D: 55mm 

4 oz. Size: H: 72mm, D: 60mm

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